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Naming figures (fig.m)

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Create new figures with a window title which can be used as a handle.

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Updated 03 Sep 2013

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This function works just like the figure command in MATLAB except that you reference figures by names instead of figure handles. (you can still use the handles though)

H=fig('My figure')

The title of the window of the figure will now be 'My figure'. You can also set figure properties with the same call:

fig('My figure','renderer','opengl');

It will also place the figure window on the monitor with the current mouse position.

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Aslak Grinsted (2020). Naming figures (fig.m) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Fixed a bug in positioning code.

*added screenshot

*no longer lets it change paperorientation by default.

Update: Only sets any default attributes if a new figure is created... Uses orient landscape instead of set(H,'orientation','landscape').

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