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READIS2: Import IS2 files (Fluke infrared camera)

version (8.17 KB) by François Beauducel
Read thermal infrared and visible images from Fluke .IS2 binary files.


Updated 02 Apr 2012

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This function reads data files from Fluke TI32 infrared thermal camera (.IS2 proprietary format). It returns data images (raw and calibrated temperatures, and visible RGB image) and some of the header information in a single structure. Without output arguments, it plots blended infrared and visible images and a histogram of temperatures.

The function has been tested for TI32 camera original files only. Presently it does not work with files edited with the Fluke software, neither for other cameras. Also the function needs a separated calibration file since I was not able to find the original tables in the binary file (but I'm quite sure they exist...). Any help to improve that is welcome.

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Index exceeds the number of array
elements (0).

Error in readis2 (line 226)
[xx,yy] =

Hi. I need to modify this function for IR sensor of size 160 x 120. Plz help.

Awg 00

Where can i get thermal image is2 format for TI32 camera. I would like to try this on.

Jack A


The problem appeared when I loaded the IS2 file:

Maximum variable size allowed by the program is exceeded.

Error in readis2 (line 188)
ir = reshape(d(offset_ir+(1:prod(irsz))),irsz)';

Error in run (line 96)
evalin('caller', [script ';']);


bug correction in X.T calculation when emissivity and/or transmission < 1

- adds possibility to calibrate brillancy temperature using polynomial
- extends comments on calibration file

Improve plot output (log-scale histogram)

body temperature now OK when emissivity < 1

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Inspired by: Fluke .IS2 file reader