Noise estimation from rician noise corrupted images

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This program can be used for estimating noise from an image corrupted with rician noise (eg: MRI)

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Estimates the noise standard deviation from an (MRI) image (2D) corrupted with Rician noise based on the skewness of the distribution. This method doesn't depend on the background for noise estimation. Can be used for MR images with and without background.
Ref: Jeny Rajan, Dirk Poot, Jaber Juntu and Jan Sijbers, "Noise measurement from magnitude MRI using local estimates of variance and skewness", Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol 55, N441-N449,2010.

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Jeny Rajan (2023). Noise estimation from rician noise corrupted images (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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added the polynomial expression of the lookup table mentioned in the program.