Extended Tire Features for Vehicle Dynamics Blockset

Import, plot and fit tire data for use with Vehicle Dynamics Blockset tire models

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업데이트 날짜: 2023/9/13

The Extended Tire Features for Vehicle Dynamics Blockset provides a set of tools to work with tire data and integrate tire models into vehicle simulations. It includes a base tire class and methods for tire test data import and visualization.
With the support package, you can import and plot tire data for different test conditions. You can easily generate a variety of plots, such as lateral force vs. slip angle, and filter the data to view only the desired portion of a large data set. There are also methods for plotting the response of tire models including Dugoff, Fiala and Magic Formula models. You can then analyze and compare experimental data to simulated tire responses. These capabilities speed up tire data and modeling workflows, leading to higher-fidelity vehicle dynamics simulations.
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