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Nonlinear 6DOF Model of an Underwater Vehicle

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Shark is a detailed nonlinear model of an underwater vehicle for MATLAB 5.3 and later (tested on 6.1 as well).

It has a Simulink interface but the source code consists in 10 MATLAB functions, each one being well documented in an enclosed PDF report.

It is possible to modify the functions to simulate different kind of vehicles and, in general, this tool can be seen as an effective way to map the equations of a mechanical system to a working simulation in the MATLAB and
Simulink environment, especially in those cases where the extensive use of a matrix-based formulation in the modeling makes MATLAB (rather than Simulink) the preferred coding environment.

NOTE: After downloading and unzipping the file "", please follow the istructions in the file "contents.m".

Giampy, Dec 2001

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Giampiero Campa (2023). Shark (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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