Advanced Scientific Calculator

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This app performs the mathematical operation of both numeric and symbolic equations giving result in the desired form.

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Advanced Scientific Calculator
This app has three tabs which consists of
  • Tab 1-This app includes the operation of basic Arithmetic, Roots, factorial, exponential, logarithmic, combination and Permutation .
  • Tab 2-It can perform Symbolic Integration and Derivatives of different order, definite integrals having different initial and final values, and derivatives at given points.(Expression is also visible for derivatives and Integration at given points, in case of delay click/ tap any open space on the calculator)
  • Tab 3-It calculates the Trigonometric functions , hyperbolic trigonometry and their inverses giving both output in radians and degree form.
It has a dual function of calculating both numerically and symbolically giving the desired output in desired form.
-Tracy Lawmnapar (
-Neetu Prasad (

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Dr. NEETU PRASAD (2022). Advanced Scientific Calculator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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