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This app calculates the parameters of three devices: Photo-voltaic Device, Diode and Light Emitting Diode

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Feature of the app:
This app calculates the parameters of 3 semiconductor devices.
1. Photo-voltaic Device: Parameters like current density, open- circuit voltage, fill factor and efficiency are calculated. Provided with the smoothening factor, current density v/s Voltage curve is also plotted.
2. Diode: Parameters like series-resistance, reverse- saturation current and ideality factor are calculated. Also plots current v/s voltage.
3. LED: Turn-on voltage, and plots current density vs luminance , luminous efficiency vs luminance, luminance vs voltage, current density vs voltage
Also, provides the user with the characteristic curves of these devices.
  1. Harshita Kapoor (
  2. Sakshi Jangid (
  3. Rahul Verma (
  4. Priyam Singh (
  5. Neetu Prasad (

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