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Grocery matlab codes.

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this read me regards the game portion

To execute the game we run the matlab script main_rand_graphics which is found in the following path Grocery_matlab/applications/grocery/game

This takes has the following arguments provided in the top lines of main_rand_graphics. These can be changed to fit the users desire but we should be clear that P.num_orders=5; number of orders P.capacity=4; capacity of a robot P.num_items=9; number of items P.num_items_per_aise=3; max number of items that can be in an aisle P.num_aisles=4; number of aisles P.rand_seed=0; default random seed to make problem instance from Next the following command is run to [M,H,F]=grocery_runner_rand(P);

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Julian Yarkony, David Pepper (2022). Grocery_matlab (, GitHub. Retrieved March 29, 2022.

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