RTAI-Linux Target HOWTO

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RTAI-Linux Target : Step by Step instructions for Beginners

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This file contains step by step instructions for beginners on how to install the RTAI Linux real time extension, and how to use it to run code generated from simulink schemes by real time workshop.

The availability of Matlab, Simulink, and Real Time Workshop either on a windows or linux machine is assumed.

The last part of the file contains instruction for the creation of a minimal stand-alone RTAI linux distribution that fits on a floppy disk. Not that anybody really uses floppies anymore, but the instructions could be taken as a reference for the creation of embedded systems that fit on flashcards or any small storage media.

Giampy - 13/Apr/2006 - Updated 07-May-2008

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Added copyright and few very minor details.

Specified under which conditions it is possible to skip the MESA and EFLTK steps, and clarify how to use older rtai distributions together with MATLAB versions newer than 7.0.1

Updated version, contains instructions for Ubuntu as well as Fedora, and the lilo.conf file for a bootable flash card. Also, several typos have been corrected.