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T2RFIS: Type-2 Regression-based Fuzzy Inference System

버전 1.0.9 (280 KB) 작성자: Krzysztof Wiktorowicz
T2RFIS is a novel simple fuzzy inference system with type-2 fuzzy sets without explicitly defined fuzzy rules based on ridge regression.

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업데이트 날짜: 2022/6/3

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This project concerns training fuzzy systems on the basis of ridge regression. These systems use Gaussian type-2 fuzzy sets for the inputs and a linearly parameterized system function to obtain the output. The input fuzzy sets are determined by a multi-objective genetic algorithm with a feature selection method. The multi-criteria objective functions enable the selection of models from the Pareto fronts taking into account the compromise between model accuracy and its simplification.
The package contains an example of using the T2RFIS method to predict automobile fuel consumption in miles per gallon (MPG). The data can be downloaded from: Original data-set contains 398 rows, but the records with missing values have been removed, so we have 392 rows.

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Krzysztof Wiktorowicz (2022). T2RFIS: Type-2 Regression-based Fuzzy Inference System (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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