Coverage Characteristics of Earth Satellites

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Compute coverage characteristics of single Earth satellites and Walker and user-defined constellations

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Two MATLAB scripts that can be used to determine coverage characteristics of single Earth satellites, and Walker and user-defined satellite constellations. A third script is also included that determines the long-term view periods of satellites in circular Earth orbits.
The constellation MATLAB application can be used to assess the partial coverage performance of Walkerand user-defined satellite constellations. The user can specify the total simulation time and a single geographic target, and the software will determine such coverage statistics as minimum, average, and maximum coverage time, etc. The user can also specify a minimum elevation angle constraint or “mask” at the target. During the simulation satellite orbits are propagated using Kozai’s method and the Earth is modeled as an oblate spheroid.
This script also uses the fminunc MATLAB function from the Optimization Toolbox to maximize the coverage time of a Walker or user-defined constellation.

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David Eagle (2023). Coverage Characteristics of Earth Satellites (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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