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Fast blind (forgery) inspection for western blot and PCR images.

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This is a fast-blind-inquiry (FBI) method for post-processing modifications on gel electrophoresis images, including western blot and PCR images.

This is an encrypted MATLAB file, and this program can be called simply by entering "noise_pattern_DFTpsbk('inputfilename.bmp')" in MATLAB command line.

As for the way to interprete our inquiry result, please refer to my IEEE GlobalSIP 2018 paper or refer to my arXiv manuscript. This project was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST 107-2320-B-030-012-MY3).

Please cite: @inproceedings{shao2018unveiling, title={Unveiling vestiges of man-made modifications on molecular-biological experiment images}, author={Shao, Hao-Chiang}, booktitle={2018 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP)}, pages={534--538}, year={2018}, organization={IEEE} }

@article{shao2020forgery, title={Forgery Blind Inspection for Detecting Manipulations of Gel Electrophoresis Images}, author={Shao, Hao-Chiang and Cheng, Ya-Jen and Duh, Meng-Yun and Lin, Chia-Wen}, journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.15086}, year={2020} }

@misc{shao_2021, title={(US Patent 11,017,516)Forgery detection system and its method for falsified biomedical experiment images}, author={Shao, Hao-Chiang}, year={2021}, month={May} }

Journal manucripts is now under preparation.

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Hao-Chiang Shao (2022). FBI_gel (https://github.com/YoursEver/FBI_gel), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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