Line Reactor Block

버전 1.0.0 (42 KB) 작성자: Rodney Tan
The line reactor is commonly used to reduce harmonic current from Variable Speed Drive and smooth out voltage transient

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Line Reactor Block developed by Rodney Tan (PhD)
Version 1.0 (Oct 2021)
The Line Reactor is commonly used to reduce harmonic current from variable speed drive and smooth out voltage tranisent.
The Line Reactor block allows the user to set its impedance in percentage, load rated current, nominal voltage and system frequency.
The reactor inductance are compute using L=(Vn*Z)/(2*pi*f*IL*sqrt(3)), where Vn is the nominal voltage, Z is impedance in percentage, f is line frequency and IL is the load current.

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Rodney Tan (2022). Line Reactor Block (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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