Problem 78. Implement a ROT13 cipher

Solution 325227

Submitted on 28 Sep 2013 by lkjslkjdlk
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
%% Test #1 s1 = 'I love MATLAB'; s2_correct = 'V ybir ZNGYNO'; assert(isequal(rot13(s1),s2_correct))

2   Pass
%% Test #2 s1 = 'I <3 MATLAB!!'; s2_correct = 'V <3 ZNGYNO!!'; assert(isequal(rot13(s1),s2_correct))

3   Pass
%% Test #3 s1 = 'The quick fox stumbled over the confusing instructions.'; s2_correct = 'Gur dhvpx sbk fghzoyrq bire gur pbashfvat vafgehpgvbaf.'; assert(isequal(rot13(s1),s2_correct))

4   Pass
%% Test #4 s1 = 'Snape kills Dumbledore on page 606. Also, there is no Santa.'; s2_correct = 'Fancr xvyyf Qhzoyrqber ba cntr 606. Nyfb, gurer vf ab Fnagn.'; assert(isequal(rot13(s1),s2_correct))

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