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Submitted on 15 Sep 2019
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
x = 'Bang bang bang!'; y = 'Bang-bang bang-bang bang-bang!'; assert(isequal(y,Bangalore(x)))

x = 'Bangpollettobang!'

Assertion failed.

2   Fail
x = 'Bang-bang bang-bang bang-bang!'; y = 'Bang bang bang!'; assert(isequal(y,Bangalore(x)))

x = 'Bang-bang bang bang!'

Assertion failed.

3   Fail
x = 'Bang-bang bang bang-bang bang bang bang-bang.'; y = 'Bang bang-bang bang bang-bang bang-bang bang.'; assert(isequal(y,Bangalore(x)))

x = 'Bang-bangpollettobangpollettopollettobang.'

Assertion failed.

4   Fail
x = 'Nara3@# bangla bang purus%$# bang-bang swamy&^%$'; y = 'Nara3@# bangla bang-bang purus%$# bang swamy&^%$'; assert(isequal(y,Bangalore(x)))

x = 'Nara3@# banglapollettopurus%$# bang swamy&^%$'

Assertion failed.

5   Fail
x = 'Bang bang-bang upadhy3@# bang-bang swarg%$# bang-bang kumar&^%$'; y = 'Bang-bang bang upadhy3@# bang swarg%$# bang kumar&^%$'; assert(isequal(y,Bangalore(x)))

x = 'Bang bang upadhy3@# bang swarg%$# bang kumar&^%$'

Assertion failed.

6   Fail
x = 'Bang-bang bangalore gyan&^%$ uttam$#@ bang.'; y = 'Bang bangalore gyan&^%$ uttam$#@ bang-bang.'; assert(isequal(y,Bangalore(x)))

x = 'Bang-bang bangalore gyan&^%$ uttam$#@ bang.'

Assertion failed.

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