Solution 1857496

Submitted on 25 Jun 2019
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
rpy = (rand(1,3)-0.5)*pi; r = rpy(1); p = rpy(2); y = rpy(3); R = reshape([cos(p).*cos(y),cos(p).*sin(y),-sin(p),-cos(r).*sin(y)+cos(y).*sin(p).*sin(r),cos(r).*cos(y)+sin(p).*sin(r).*sin(y),cos(p).*sin(r),sin(r).*sin(y)+cos(r).*cos(y).*sin(p),-cos(y).*sin(r)+cos(r).*sin(p).*sin(y),cos(p).*cos(r)],[3,3]); z = your_fcn_name(R); assert(all(size(z) == [1 3]), 'shape of z should be 1x3'); err = abs(z*R(:,1)) + abs(z*R(:,2)) assert(sum(abs(err)) < 10*eps)

[Warning: Function assert has the same name as a MATLAB builtin. We suggest you rename the function to avoid a potential name conflict.] [> In unix (line 32) In your_fcn_name (line 2) In ScoringEngineTestPoint1 (line 4) In solutionTest (line 3)]

Error using assert Too many input arguments. Error in Test1 (line 5) assert(all(size(z) == [1 3]), 'shape of z should be 1x3');