Problem 44793. Project Euler 249: Prime Subset Sums

Solution 2764048

Submitted on 31 Jul 2020 by Jean-Marie Sainthillier
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
tic; SUM = euler249(10) toc; assert(isequal(SUM, uint64(7)))

SUM = uint64 7 Elapsed time is 0.032933 seconds.

2   Pass
tic; SUM = euler249(100) toc; assert(isequal(SUM, uint64(5253640)))

SUM = uint64 5253640 Elapsed time is 0.012112 seconds.

3   Pass
tic; SUM = euler249(1000) toc; assert(isequal(SUM, uint64(5725053962252706)))

SUM = uint64 5725053962252706 Elapsed time is 0.247332 seconds.

4   Pass
tic; SUM = euler249(2000) toc; assert(isequal(SUM, uint64(9536598422264105)))

SUM = uint64 9536598422264105 Elapsed time is 1.099225 seconds.

5   Pass
tic; SUM = euler249(4900) toc; assert(isequal(SUM, uint64(2455225028344813)))

SUM = uint64 2455225028344813 Elapsed time is 13.062477 seconds.

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