Problem 2501. Whole Number Un-Concatenator

Solution 2862356

Submitted on 20 Aug 2020 by Kyle Pijarowski
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
n=12345; dig=3; ns_correct=[123 45]; assert(isequal(uncat(n,dig),ns_correct))

2   Pass
n=3141592; dig=1; ns_correct=[3 141592]; assert(isequal(uncat(n,dig),ns_correct))

3   Pass
n=271828; dig=1; ns_correct=[2 71828]; assert(isequal(uncat(n,dig),ns_correct))

4   Pass
n=1618033988; dig=6; ns_correct=[161803 3988]; assert(isequal(uncat(n,dig),ns_correct))

5   Pass
n=112358132134; dig=10; ns_correct=[1123581321 34]; assert(isequal(uncat(n,dig),ns_correct))