Problem 2227. Broken numlock key, oppps !

Solution 2074568

Submitted on 30 Dec 2019
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
x = '0y n4036c2 2ey 5s br62en!'; y_correct = 'my numlock key is broken!'; assert(isequal(DecodeNumlk(x),y_correct));

2   Pass
x = 'Can y64 *3ease he3* 0e+'; y_correct = 'Can you please help me?'; assert(isequal(DecodeNumlk(x),y_correct));

3   Fail
x = 'Th5s 5s g65ng t6 be b5g f4n w5th n40ber 2eys 123456789/'; y_correct = 'This is going to be big fun with number keys 1234567890'; assert(isequal(DecodeNumlk(x),y_correct));

Assertion failed.

4   Pass
x = 'Why these 2eys brea2 and 0a2e a b5g 0ess 6***s -/'; y_correct = 'Why these keys break and make a big mess oppps :)'; assert(isequal(DecodeNumlk(x),y_correct));