Problem 216. Is this date a palindrome?emordnilap a etad siht sI

Solution 2772850

Submitted on 3 Aug 2020 by Athi
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
d = datenum('01-Jan-2011 02:02:02',0); tf = true; assert(isequal(isPalindrome(d),tf))

2   Pass
d = datenum('02/01/12',2); tf = true; assert(isequal(isPalindrome(d),tf))

3   Pass
d = datenum('12-Nov-1943',1); tf = false; assert(isequal(isPalindrome(d),tf))

4   Pass
d = datenum('10/10/01',2); tf = false; assert(isequal(isPalindrome(d),tf))

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