Justin Fritz

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Justin Fritz received CUP Challenge Master badge

on 21 Sep 2018

Justin Fritz submitted a Comment to Problem 690. Remove the two elements next to NaN value

Problem name “Remove the two elements next to NaN value” is confusing. In a 1d array the first and last element have 1 element next to them while other elements have 2 elements next to them. The name would imply that we are to remove one element preceding and one element following a NaN however in the problem description we are told to remove the two elements following the NaN. I would argue that the element preceding the NaN is more “next to” the NaN than the element two elements away. Name should be changed to “Remove the two elements following a NaN value”.

on 3 Aug 2017

Justin Fritz received Indexing II Master badge

on 3 Apr 2017

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