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Why am I unable to connect MATLAB Mobile to the MATLAB Connector running on my computer?

I would like to use MATLAB Mobile on my mobile device, but when I enter in my computer's hostname or IP in the MATLAB Mobile app, it won't connect.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 1 Aug 2019
Edited by MathWorks Support Team on 1 Aug 2019
 Accepted Answer

See the information below for troubleshooting MATLAB Mobile connection errors.
1) Make sure MATLAB (R2012a or higher) is still running on your computer:
If MATLAB is not running and the connector is not running, you will not be able to connect. If MATLAB is still running, try turning off the connector by running:
connector off
Once off, turn it back on by running:
connector on
If the connector gives you an error message, you may need to reinstall the connector. In that case, follow the steps in the following solution:
2) Try the connector in your web browser from the localhost address:
Check to make sure that the connector is running on the specified port on your computer. To do so, open your web browser on the computer and navigate to:
(If you specified a different port number while installing the components, replace 31415 with your port number.)
If the connector can use the port, a message appears in the browser window, such as:
MATLAB Connector is set up correctly!
Otherwise, consider changing the port number to something other than 31415 (if you did not change the port during initial configuration). Valid values are from 1,024 through 65,535. For help selecting the port, contact your system administrator. For instructions on changing the port, see Changing the Port and Updating Connections:
3) Try the connector in your browser using your IP address or Fully Qualified Hostname:
Is a firewall or antivirus software blocking access to the port? To test, open a web browser on your local computer and navigate to:
The computerID is the fully qualified DNS name or IP address of your computer. If the test is successful, the connector displays a message in the browser window, as described in the previous step. Otherwise, modify your firewall or antivirus settings to allow use of the port. For help with these settings, contact your system administrator.
4) Try the connector in a browser on your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android device:
Repeat step 3 using the browser on your iOS/Android device. The MATLAB Mobile application requires access to the same network as the computer running the desktop version of MATLAB software. If your device is on a 3G network, use VPN to connect to your network. In that case, you may need to open the port in your firewall or configure your VPN connection to allow the connection. For help with these settings, contact your system administrator. If your computer has multiple IP addresses, you may need to connect with a different one:
5) If the browser works but MATLAB Mobile does not:
In the MATLAB Mobile application, did you correctly specify the DNS name (or IP address), password, and port number for the current connection? For more information, see Determining the DNS Name or IP Address of a Computer and Updating Connections.
If you use MATLAB software on more than one computer, is your device attempting to connect to the correct computer? To switch to a different computer, tap Connections at the top of the Command Window on your device, and select the connection you want. For information on defining additional connections, see Updating Connections:

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What the heck? This is terrible news if true. I was about to start a project.
Can someone at MathWorks please comment?
As of September 2019, MATLAB Mobile no longer supports the workflow of connecting to a MATLAB session running on your computer. To continue using MATLAB Mobile, please connect to MathWorks Cloud from the app.
When connected to MathWorks Cloud, you will be able to:
  • View, edit, create and evaluate MATLAB files
  • Run commands in the Commands tab
  • Visualize data
  • Acquire data from device sensors
  • Capture image and videos from the device camera
Does it mean that streaming of data is possible only inside smartphone application? Can the streamed data be accessed online from the computer or only from the mobile application? Testing connector function it seems that data streamed from app to cloud cannot be accessed from computer in real time. Only access to logged data is possible from a computer.

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Answer by Rui Wang
on 2 Oct 2016

I think I have do as your suggestion above, and check everything. In the browsers both in my computer and iphone, it says the connector service is running. and in the setting of mobile matlab, it seems that it is connected. However, when I create mobiledev object on my computer, the connected value is always zero! m =
mobiledev with properties:
Connected: 0
Logging: 0
InitialTimestamp: ''
As shown above, I really don't know what to do about it.

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I have the same response. Says connector is on but checking the given IP address (and variants):31415/ from mobile device says there is nothing there.

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Answer by Dan Po
on 25 Oct 2016

disable your antivirus firewall temporarily

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I have the same problem and disabling the antivirus firewall temporarily did not help either.
Hi Shraddha,
If you still cannot MATLAB Connector to work properly, then please contact support so we can help resolve the issue.

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Answer by Eric LePage on 31 Dec 2016

Isn't it about time the gurus stopped pointing the blame at things like firewalls, and just circumvented the problem. The highs I've had working with MATLAB has been matched by an equal length of time pulling hair. Half-baked software.

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Proxy network arrangements interfere with connections.
Virtual private network arrangements interfere with connections. I have used a VPN service that, while active, blocked connections to everything else, to prevent the possibility that a host could be remotely botted and then used to access inside the protected area with live remote control.
Anti-virus programs block connections.
Software firewalls such as Windows Firewall block connections.
External firewalls such as home routers block connections, either deliberately or because they implement Network Address Translation and have not been instructed to create a static port translation.
If software is being run in virtual machines, the virtual machines might be configured in such a way to either block connections or not be reachable by incoming connections. A few months ago, I was temporarily unable to use Mobile Connector to reach MATLAB running on one of my virtual machines because I had told my phone to connect via the IP address associated with my laptop WiFi address but I had not configured WiFi into my Virtual Machine; the fix was to tell my phone to connect to the IP address associated with my ethernet connection as my Virtual Machine had been configured to pay attention to that.
My ISP does not block any incoming ports, but the major competitor ISP in my city does block some incoming ports (and has been known to rate-shape as well.)
We can see that there are numerous reasons, outside of the control of MATLAB, why the connector might be unreachable.
When I was running network security for a government section a few years back, I needed to know what all of the potential connections were: some of the information we stored was considered mildly classified and by law I had to protect it. And I tell you this: the laws that would potentially have put me in jail for failing to secure our data made no allowance at all for "convenience".
(It turned out that the most classified information we handled was details of the contracts indicating much we were paying vendors for equipment and supplies. Really it fell much more into the category of routine "trade secret", that vendors didn't want us telling their competitors how much they were bidding, but as soon as the vendor asked us to keep the information confidential we were required to comply, regardless of whether we were buying staples or pre-production microscopes.)

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