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Want to remove one plot from the two plots in my app designer pannel when i choose Synthesis

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vinay kumar
vinay kumar 2021년 8월 14일
댓글: vinay kumar 2021년 8월 16일
i have added two plots in my app-design for two applications one is analysis and other one synthesis
if I press analysis: i want to have both the plot to appear as per i have written, but
for synthesis i need just one plot is enough, so i want to remove/hide the second unwanted plot when i press Synthesis
condition here is, for analysis: both polts has to be appear
for synthesis: only one plot need to be appear
bottom plot need to be remove when i press synthesis. i have attached a screenshot
please help me with this...


Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 8월 14일
A simple and efficient solution would be to assign the lower plot to a uipanel in app designer and to set the visibility of the uipanel to off when the synthesis button is pressed and set it to on when the analysis button is pressed.
Alternatively, the button callbacks could toggle the visibility of the axes and all of its children:
set([app.SynthesisAxes; app.SynthesisAxes.Children], 'Visible','off') % or 'on




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