Interpolate scattered values on a regular grid with bi-harmonic interpolation method

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Hi mates.
I've got an vector with values and Corresponding x, y vectors.
I would like to interpolate values in an entire study area.
This is my approach:
reservoir(:,1) is the Vector with the x-Values, reservoir(:,2) contains y-Values. '"y" is the vector with the actual measured values at the coordinates.
honestly, I don't know, what 'v4' stands for.
That's, what I get:
And I don't know why.
Any guesses or tips?
Best regrades


darova 2021년 8월 14일
Create appropriate mesh
x = linspace(min(reservoir(:,1)),max(reservoir(:,1)),20);
y = linspace(min(reservoir(:,2)),max(reservoir(:,2)),20);
[X,Y] = meshgrid(x,y);
Z = griddata(reservoir(:,1),reservoir(:,2),y,X,Y);
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Felix Ja
Felix Ja 2021년 8월 15일
got it. Thank you.
Best regrades and have a nice time.
Felix Roth

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