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How extract the value in certain position for a loop in matlab?

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DulceEien 2021년 8월 10일
편집: DulceEien 2021년 8월 10일
How can I the output in a vector, when I run it I'm getting a single number
ID =[2003;2201;3350;9123;8234;1234]
for i = 1:length(ID)
y(i) = num2str(ID)
out(i) = str2num(y(2))
I need the third position because that value will give me in another conditional the importance of that element
for i = 1:length(ID)
if out(i) == 0
EI(i) = 'Very high';
elseif out(i) == 1
EI(i) = 'High';
elseif out(i) == 2
EI(i) = 'Medium';
elseif out(i) == 3
EI(i)= 'Low';
I really appreciate your help

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Dave B
Dave B 2021년 8월 10일
I think what you're asking is for a vector with the second digit of the values in y?
Here's a fixed version of your code:
ID =[2003;2201;3350;9123;8234;1234];
for i = 1:length(ID)
y = num2str(ID(i));
out(i) = str2num(y(2));
0 2 3 1 2 2
Here's a better way:
0 2 3 1 2 2
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DulceEien 2021년 8월 10일
than you so much for your answer, it works

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