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How to do the Fourier method for segmentation.

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mohd akmal masud
mohd akmal masud 2021년 8월 10일
편집: Rhea Chandy 2021년 8월 25일
Hi everyone,
Anyone can help me how to do the Fourier Surface method for segmentation?
I Have search in Matlab Documentations, but not find.

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy 2021년 8월 25일
편집: Rhea Chandy 2021년 8월 25일
Currently MathWorks does not support the Fourier Surface method for image segmentation. Our developers are aware of the issue and it might be considered for a future release.
You can consider this tool in the MathWorks file exchange to help with implementation: Fourier Series Surface Fitter (FSSF2)
The file 'Fourier Series Surface Fitter' is one of the several submissions in MATLAB File Exchange on MATLAB Central which is a forum for our product users to interact, exchange information and knowledge, without MathWorks' involvement. Feel free to contact the author of this submission directly for specific questions about the implementation.

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