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Is there a better way to animate a figure with AppDesigner?

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Peter B.
Peter B. 2021년 8월 3일
댓글: Rik 2021년 8월 4일
Hello everyone,
I wrote a little Code I found on YouTube, which animates a Sine-Wave in a figure. First I calculate the Y-data and save them in "y". Then I use a for-loop with the "pause"-command to plot them over "t". It runs very smooth, as you would expect. Here is the code:
close all, clear all
t = 0:0.1:2*pi;
y = sin(t);
hold on
for k = 1:length(t)
axis([0 2*pi -1.5 1.5])
grid on
if k < length(t)
With this way of proceeding I tried the same with a GUI created in AppDesigner. Here is the code an the Window I created:
methods (Access = private)
% Button pushed function: StartButton
function StartButtonPushed(app, event)
t = 0:0.01:2*pi;
y = sin(t);
hold(app.UIAxes, 'on')
for k = 1:length(t)
plot(app.UIAxes, t(1:k),y(1:k), "LineWidth", 2, 'Color', 'b');
if k < length(t)
I exported the GUI and it runs okay but not as good as with the .m-file. I allready read, that the AppDesigner does not have such good performance, but I'm not sure if this way of programming the animation is a good one.
Can somebody tell me, if there is a way to animate lines or similar objects with AppDesigner, which will lead to a better performance?
Thank You!
With kind regards,

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 8월 3일
편집: Adam Danz 2021년 8월 3일
It looks nice but it's very inefficient. On each iteration you're throwing out everything and rebuilding it from scratch. See these resources for better methods:
Here's an example of the 2nd method in the first link above, applied to your demo.
app.UIAxes = uiaxes();
t = 0:0.1:2*pi;
y = sin(t);
h = plot(app.UIAxes,nan,nan);
hold(app.UIAxes, 'on')
grid(app.UIAxes, 'on')
xlim(app.UIAxes, [0 2*pi])
ylim(app.UIAxes, [-1.5 1.5])
for k = 1:numel(t)
set(h,'XData',t(1:k), 'YData', y(1:k))
drawnow(); pause(0.015)
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Rik 2021년 8월 4일
No problem, you're not the first, and you won't be the last.

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