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Why does my MATLAB icon look like a sheet of paper?

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Ali Najem
Ali Najem 2021년 8월 2일
댓글: Ali Najem 2021년 8월 3일
Dear all,
hope you all good and safe,
There is a problem since I installed my matlab 2021a, when I try to open any file it looks like paper sheet.
However, everything is working well I mean I can write codes, use simulink, etc.
Is that any reason for this issue? any recommendation and help would be highly appreciated.
thanks alot for your considearion.

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dpb 2021년 8월 2일
In short, somehow the link to the default matlab.ico file got munged; just use the Windows properties editor to reset to the proper/defaul file location. Above link explains steps in detail.
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Ali Najem
Ali Najem 2021년 8월 3일
Thank you so much,
it did work.

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