Fit data to array values

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Divij Gupta
Divij Gupta 2021년 7월 27일
답변: KSSV 2021년 7월 27일
I have a certain array of theoretical values which forms the y values of a graph. This graph is not analytic, so the theoretical array values are numerically generated. I want to see how good this theoretical array is to an actual data array. For eg, I have a theoretical array [1 1 1 1 1] which represents 5 points on a linspace(1,5). The data array is [0.987,0.95,1.06,1.02,1.04] over the same linspace. I want to see how good of a fit it is (calculate an R-squared value for the fit).


KSSV 2021년 7월 27일
x = 1:5 ;
y = [0.987,0.95,1.06,1.02,1.04] ;
p = polyfit(x,y,2) ;
yi = polyval(p,x) ;
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