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How I can change the arrow head and style in a compass plot?

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loriotto 2021년 7월 15일
편집: dpb 2021년 7월 16일
I have a compass plot with about 60 arrows of different angles and lengths. Now, I would like to change the arrows to just straight lines without arrow heads in a compass plot. How can I do that?
thank you for any help!

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dpb 2021년 7월 15일
편집: dpb 2021년 7월 16일
That's not easy -- the arrowheads are part of the lines so they're not separate objects that can be changed independently of the line.
But, it's not hard to draw using polar -- using the example data from the doc for compass
% sample data
u = [5 3 -4 -3 5];
v = [1 5 3 -2 -6];
% the engine
[th,r]=cart2pol(u,v); % convert to polar coordinates
th=[zeros(size(th));th]; % augment with origin points
hP=polar(th,r); % plot on polar axis
Actually, on reflection, it's not so hard after all -- the arrow line data points are the last three of each set for each line so
hC=compass(u,v); % return line handles
for i=1:numel(hC)
hC(i).XData(end-2:end)=nan; % HG won't display NaN points (arrows)
Trick is to let the builtin feature of handle graphics to not display points if are ~finite() instead of thinking of trying to change a property of the line--change the data instead.
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loriotto 2021년 7월 16일
thank you, dpb, meets perfectly what I'm looking for.

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