find fractal dimension value

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Frisda Sianipar
Frisda Sianipar 2021년 7월 12일
댓글: Frisda Sianipar 2021년 7월 13일
i have the code to find fractal dimension value, but the image limit that can be calculated is only up to 512 x 512. So here I want this code to be able to search up to 2048 x 2048. Can you help me sir?
This is the code:
Thankyou in advance sir.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 7월 12일
Adjusted code attached. I also repaired an error in it (it was confusing x and y).
The adjusted code does not require that the image is square, or an exact power of 2. However, it might ignore parts of the image outside the last full square power of 2 size.
The adjusted code uses baby.jpg as the same image to read, which is 3600 x 2450 or so. The program slows down a lot after i = 9.
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Frisda Sianipar
Frisda Sianipar 2021년 7월 13일
its work sir, thankyou so much

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