I use the arcticseaice function created by Chad Greene to plot a map, how can I plot a scatter on it ?

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Hello,the data for scatter plot is [lat,lon,concentrations]. I use Andrew Bliss' polarstereo_fwd to convert lat,lon to x,y. However, when I plot this scatter on sea ice map, it looks wrong (see below picture). I want to have 2 colorbar with a plot, one is for sea ice map, another is for scatter concentrations.
Below is my code, can someone help me?
Thanks very much!
% plot a seaice map
arcticseaice('aug. 8, 2016','label','none')
cb = colorbar;
ylabel(cb,'sea ice concentration (%)')
cmocean ice
% concentrations data
% Conversion lat and lon
%plot a scatter on seaice map
hold on


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