Plotting and labelling without repetition a scatter /line plot in matlab.

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avantika . 2013년 9월 4일
I am trying to plot and label line/scatter plot of two columns in a dataset , the first column are the time values to be plotted on x - axis and the corresponding pitch values are in the second column of the dataset to be plotted on the y-axis. The labels for each point are in third column of the dataset labelled as notation. The labels should be added as such only the first value of repeated entries should be taken as label. The columns of dataset are 'char' array and the length of dataset is x 6839*3. An example of dataset is given below:
Time Pitch notation
2.64 329.63 'GM'
2.64 329.63 'GM'
3.49 261.63 'SM'
4.09 349.23 'MM'
6.27 261.63 'SM'
6.50 349.23 'MM'
6.72 329.63 'GM'
6.75 349.23 'MM'
7.02 329.63 'GM'
7.28 349.23 'MM'
7.32 329.63 'GM'
8.06 261.63 'SM'
8.44 329.63 'GM'
9.36 261.63 'SM'
9.95 349.23 'MM'
11.81 329.63 'GM'
12.04 246.94 'NL'
12.09 261.63 'SM'
12.29 329.63 'GM'
when i use the following commands , i do get a graph with labels but repeated entries are not removed as of now: ds = dataset('XLSFile', 'Deshgatannotation.xlsx','sheet', 2);
time = ds(:,1);
pitch = ds(:,2);
l = cellstr(ds(:,3));
plot(time, pitch,'.','color','r')
text(double(time), double(pitch), l,'fontsize',6, 'color','b','rotation',45,'horizontal','left', 'vertical','bottom');
title('notations vs time')
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dpb 2013년 9월 5일
편집: dpb 님. 2013년 9월 5일
You have row or column vector? I presumed row above; if column either use
ids=[true; ~strcmp(l(2:end),l(1:end-1))]; % column vector result
ids=[true ~strcmp(l(2:end),l(1:end-1))']; % row result of input column
Have to either add a row or a column depending on which direction the label list is oriented or reorient the list to make the concatenation commensurate in dimensions. Which way specifically is dependent on your input direction and desired output.

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