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Code Generation for TMS320F28379D using MATLAB With Repeating Sequence and Relational Operators block.

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I am trying to generate the code from MATLAB 2020a for the LaunchPad TMS320F28379D microcontroller as shown in the attached file. Here both switches will be in ON state for a few times whenever the duty cycle is higher than 50%.
To generate the code, devoloped simulink model is shown in below,
The triangular single is obtained from repeating sequence and it belongs to a continuous time domain block. Due to continuous time domain error is occuring in code generation.
How can I solve this problem on the same platforms?

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Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert 2021년 6월 25일
Hi Pamendra,
Most of the Continouts-time blocks in simulink will have its Discrete-time alternatives.
You can try using the Discrete-time alternatives for Repeating Sequence such as,
  1. Repeating Sequence Interpolated
  2. Repeating Sequence Stair

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