Confusion on pspectrum time/frequency resolution

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Gabriel Stanley
Gabriel Stanley 2021년 5월 26일
댓글: Yazan 2021년 7월 23일
I'm confused by the outputs of the pspectrum([],[],...,'spectrogram','Frequency(OR Time)Resolution',[]) outputs, as I am getting approximately 4x as many samples as I should in the frequency domain (e.g. a frequency resolution of 0.001 is returning a CyclicFreqs vector with 4001 elements), and I'm getting twice as many Time elements as I specify with 'TimeResolution'. I've read the documentation on pspectrum, but is does not give me any indication as to why MatLab is giving me a higher-fidelity output than I'm asking for.
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Yazan 2021년 7월 23일
Upload your data so that we can have a look.

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