convert knnclassify to fitcknn

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Frisda Sianipar
Frisda Sianipar 2021년 4월 29일
댓글: rashigha Shankar 2022년 7월 14일
please help me to convert knnclassify to fitcknn
latih = [latih(:,1) latih(:,2)];
for i = 1 : 80
sampel = y;
test = [sampel(:,1) sampel(:,2)];
%sampel = [2.6136 0.1284 1.3017 -0.8089 0.0441 -0,2084];
nama = "hasil KNN.xlsx";
hasil = [sampel(:,1) sampel(:,2) sampel(:,3) hasil];
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 5월 6일
x = readtable("");
y = readtable("");
traindata = x{:,2};
traingroup = x{:,3};
testdata = y{:,2};
testgroup = y{:,3};
Mdl = fitcknn(traindata, traingroup,'Distance','euclidean','NumNeighbors',8,'Standardize',1,'BreakTies','nearest');
hasil = predict(Mdl, testdata);
nama = "hasil KNN.xlsx";
y.hasil = hasil;
writetable(y, nama)
does_it_match = strcmp(hasil, testgroup);
correct_percent = mean(does_it_match) * 100
correct_percent = 73.7500
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rashigha Shankar
rashigha Shankar 2022년 7월 14일
@Walter Roberson sir can you help me with a problem it is also same,the question link is given below
kindly check this and if you can please give a solution

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