How to install a Matlab package offline?????

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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar 2021년 4월 25일
댓글: Sadiq Akbar 2021년 4월 25일
I have downloaded the following Matlab packages from Mathworks site.
1.Matlab support package for arduino
2-Simulink support package for arduino
3-Legacy Matlab and Simulink support for arduino
Their installation takes too much time online. As my internet speed is very slow, I cannot install them online.So how can I install them offline?

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Clayton Gotberg
Clayton Gotberg 2021년 4월 25일
Normally. when you download a support package, you actually download the basic information needed for MATLAB to grab the the actual package, download and install it.
If you need to get packages for an offline computer, try downloading the packages according to these instructions using whichever internet you can get the best connection from. Afterward you should be able to transfer the resulting files to your computer. All you need is the Support Software Downloader on the machine connected to the internet and MATLAB on the offline computer.
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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar 2021년 4월 25일
Ok thank you very much for your kind response.

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