for loop outsite functions

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TheDice 2021년 4월 12일
댓글: TheDice 2021년 4월 13일
Hello together,
I have two functions. One triggers a measurement and the other plots the measured values. I would like to do this for multiple measurements in this order.
How can I write a for loop outside the two functions and use the loop value in the functions?
Many greetings
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Nicolas Broch
Nicolas Broch 2021년 4월 12일
Hi TheDice,
could you provide a pseudo-code of what you would like to do? Because my thirst thought is that you just would like to add arguments and return values to your functions like that:
while myCondifion
[v1, v2] = fun1();
[v3, v3] = fun2(v1, v2);
But I guess you want to do something more complex.
Br, Nicolas

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David Hill
David Hill 2021년 4월 13일
Can't you just put the loop in your pushbutton function and pass the loop variable to your other functions?
function Messungstarten_ButtonPushed(app, event)
for k=1:10
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TheDice 2021년 4월 13일
and then you use the k as a variable in the function? Like this:
function MeasurementStart(app)
app.measurement.SampleThickness = app.Matdicke(k);

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