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histogram style graph with several different data types with each type coloured differently

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Oliver Nicholls
Oliver Nicholls 10 Apr 2021 11:13
댓글: Oliver Nicholls 11 Apr 2021 7:13
I have a bunch of papers using different calculaton methords. I want to graph along the x axis the year the paper was published and on the y have boxes sized corrasponding to the number of papers of a given type published in that year where each type is coloured seperatly like a stacked bar chart. I have tried all manour of things and the closest thing I have got is this using a stacked bar chart but this is basically roated 90degrees from what I want (year on the x and number on the y with coloured boxes indicating type:

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dpb 10 Apr 2021 16:02
Actually, it's not too bad to just make up something...not sure where and why you ran into difficulties without seeing what sort of things you did try, but--
METHODS=categorical(string(('A':'E').')); % easier than typing in your categories
YEARS=[2001:2010].'; % arbitrary years
n=randi(300,numel(YEARS),numel(METHODS)); % generate some numbers by year and method
hB=bar(YEARS,n.','stacked'); % put on stacked bar by year
xlim(xlim+[1 -1]*0.6) % I think extra white space at ends is ugly...
legend(METHODS) % add legend and labels
xlabel('Publication Year'),ylabel('Number Publications by Method')
resulted in

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