Transition blockset in simulink

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MARCO LORENZI 2021년 4월 9일
댓글: MARCO LORENZI 2021년 4월 9일
Good morning everyone,
I am currently creating a simulink model for a helicopter fuselage.
I have 2 blocksets, each one with a different set of formulas. If the input angle is lower than a certain value i need to use one set, if higher the other, but the transition needs to be smooth.
I am currently using lookup tables to do that, but i wanted to ask if there is a more elegant way.
Thank you very much in advance.


Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka 2021년 4월 9일
편집: Monika Jaskolka 2021년 4월 9일
To swtch between the block you can use an If-Action subsystem, like the example here:
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MARCO LORENZI 2021년 4월 9일
Thank you very much. Can I ask you if it smoothens things out? The idea is to swich from one block, lets say, at 30deg. But from 20 to 30deg they need to work togheter, each one with its own contribute.

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