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caroline bourn
caroline bourn . 2021년 4월 6일
편집: Stephen23 . 2021년 4월 6일
hi everyone. i have this code at the moment
for i =1:length(pts_r)
headers = {'mean_AP','Standard_dev_AP','mean_ML', 'Standard_dev_ML','resultant_pathlength','AP_velocity', 'ML_velocity'};
header_walk{i} = strcat('right_step',num2str(i));
walk{i} = table(ave_xlocation_r(i), standard_dev_AP_right(i) , ave_ylocation_r(i),standard_dev_ML_right(i),result_pathlength(i), AP_velocity(i),ML_velocity(i),'VariableNames',headers,'RowNames',header_walk(i));
walk = vertcat(walk{:});
walk=input('input: ','s');
writetable(walk,'RIGHTFOOT.txt','Delimiter',' ');
i am hoping to write a script that askes for the user to save the table as a text file with their own name of choice. i ideally would like a dialog box to appear prompting the user to save the table. could someone please guide me in this? :) thanks

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