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Profile viewer interface question regarding different runtimes quoted

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Otis 31 Mar 2021
편집: Otis 31 Mar 2021
I ran a pretty big program (lots of files/functions) with the profiler turned on. On the profile viewer main page it claims that 36.508s was spent in one of the functions, call it A. When I go to the page for that subroutine, it says in the table "Lines where the most time was spent" that 30.345 s was spent on a particular line. That line is a call to another function, call it B. In the table "Children (called functions)" it says that 30.162 s was spent in function B. What is the reason for the difference in these two numbers? Is it overhead spent by function A in calling function B? (Note: The total in both of the aforementioned tables matches the value, 36.508, on the main page.) Thanks times a million in advance!



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