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mex of non-ansi C code with WindowsSDK on 64-bit machine

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Jim Quirk
Jim Quirk 24 May 2013
댓글: Peter 16 Jun 2014
Is there an equivalent of removing the -ansi flag for the Windows SDK compiler?
I am attempting to mex a C package in MATLAB 2012b on a Windows 7 64-bit machine using Windows SDK 7.1 (after running the mex -setup), but the compile keeps failing with various syntax errors. However, the code will compile in MATLAB 2011a under linux (using gcc) if I remove the -ansi flag from the mexopts file, so the issue appears to be with the compiler language configuration under Windows.
The closest thing I have been able to find for the windows compiler is the /Ze flag (enabling language extensions) but this does not resolve the compilation issues.
Any suggestions/help/blind guesses would be appreciated.

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Peter 16 Jun 2014
Hi Jim Quirk did you find a solution to your problem. I would be interested in it.

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