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Naming Excel Sheet with xlswrite.

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I am looking to use xlswrite to export a matrix to excel. For the naming convention, I want to name it based on a variable (ex: x=30) so that the excel file would be named "Rule30.xls".
I've tried using xlswrite(FILE,ARRAY) as xlswrite( ('Rule%d',x) , matrix), similar to how I'd use fprintf.
Here would be a quick code example:
x=30 % Defines x
matrix = eye(x) % Creates an identity matrix that's x by x
xlswrite(('Rule%d',x),matrix) % Writes 'matrix' as an excel file titled 'Rule30.xls'

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang 19 Feb 2021
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Samuel Brewton
Samuel Brewton 19 Feb 2021
Both work perfect, thanks so much!

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