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Is there a way to interactively move a plot legend in a Live Editor figure?

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In a normal figure window, I can reposition a plot legend by clicking and dragging. Is it possible to do something similar in a Live Editor figure?

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Keerthana Chiruvolu
Keerthana Chiruvolu 23 Feb 2021
편집: Keerthana Chiruvolu 23 Feb 2021
Click on the Live Editor Figure, this opens a Figure menu having all the currenlty supported features for the figure.
You can also undock the Live Editor Figure to open it in a Figure window.
For more information on Legend refer legend(), Legend Properties
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Keerthana Chiruvolu
Keerthana Chiruvolu 24 Feb 2021
Hi Matt,
Yes, these are features we are supporting for now. You can undock it in a Figure window and drag the legend interactively or specify the legend position in the code.

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