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Trying to do a curve fitting but having trouble getting it to work.

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Dillon Romans
Dillon Romans 18 Feb 2021
댓글: Matt J 18 Feb 2021
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Matt J
Matt J 18 Feb 2021
If it were an error, lsqcurvefit would tell you so, for example:
>> lsqcurvefit(1)
Error using lsqcurvefit (line 171)
The input to LSQCURVEFIT should be either a structure with valid fields or consist of at least four arguments.

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Matt J
Matt J 18 Feb 2021
편집: Matt J 18 Feb 2021
Do you happen to know why I keep getting the "local minimum possible"
Because lsqcurvefit thinks it succeeded in finding a solution (and maybe it did!).


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