How to count the number of points above and below a line

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I need to write a function that takes x and y coordinates in a matrix and sums if they are above and on a straight line or below the line in different cells [above, below]. I have been provided the slope (m), and the intercept (b), and the (x,y) coordinates. I have really no idea where to start with this function so I was hoping someone better at matlab might have an idea how I should approach this function. Greatly appreciate it.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021년 2월 15일
Let's say x stores all of the x-values of your coordinates. Compute the y-value on the line for each x-value.
yLine = m.*x + b;
If yLine is less than the original y coordinates, then the y coordinates are above or on the line.
isAboveOrOnLine = y >= yLine;

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