How to handle version mismatch in shared libraries

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Paul Wessel
Paul Wessel . 2013년 5월 3일
I am trying to build a mex file that links with a shared external library that itself links to a shared netcdf library. However, when running the mex it complains that the netcdf version required by my shared lib is newer than the netcdf library shipped with Matlab. The same is true for other libs required by netcdf such as libcurl etc. It seems the out-of-date libraries shipped with Matlab prevents me from building a working mex. Is there a way to tell the mex to use the most recent libraries? If not, what is the recommended solution? Removing the old Matlab-supplied shared libs for common libraries found on most Unix/OSX systems?
Specifically, this is with Matlab 2012b under OS X 10.8.3

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