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Problem concerning the fitness function of the genetic algorithm on MATLAB.

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Oma Leo
Oma Leo 14 Feb 2021
댓글: Oma Leo 16 Feb 2021
Hi everyone,
I need your help for this problem. The fitness function I am considering for my project is the error between two output signals of two simulink models and it has to be the smallest possibile. This is a piece of the code I wrote.
where iHF is a .mat file with dimension 2x50001, iLF is a normal output array with dimension 50001x1 and simulation.DT is the sampling time equal to 1e-5.
The formula to calculate the error is the following:
When I run the matlab code containing the optimization parameters, it gives me an error saying "Your fitness function must return a scalar value".
What should I do?

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Matt J
Matt J 15 Feb 2021
편집: Matt J 15 Feb 2021
Make y1 and y2 the same size and shape (i.e., make sure both are row vectors or both column vectors).

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