How can I delete rows by their name in a TABLE

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David E.S.
David E.S. 2021년 2월 2일
댓글: David E.S. 2021년 2월 2일
Hi, I want to delete some variables which are in rows. The problem is that my files has different number of rows and I don't know in every file which number of row corresponds to that variable. In this example i want to delete the following variables: "FILTER" and "STD4s".
Supose my table name is "a". When I use the command MATLAB gives me this error.
a(a.Type = 'EQU',:) = [];
Error: Incorrect use of '=' operator. To assign a value to a variable, use '='. To compare
values for equality, use '=='.
When I rectify the previous code introducing ==, que error is the following:
Undefined operator '==' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Can you help me? Thanks!
MATLAB version: R2019B

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KSSV 2021년 2월 2일
idx = strcmp(a.Type,'EQU') ; % gt the indices which has EQU
T(idx,:) = [] ; % remove the rows

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